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Power Cam Hookup

HOOKUP TO A CAMCORDER:  All camcorders come equipped with a patch cord.  It has a plug which fits into the camcorder body and on the other end a white, red and yellow RCA plug.  The output from the Power Cam will mate with the yellow plug using the small coupling that was included in the envelope in the box with the Power Cam cart. It is about the diameter of a pencil and an inch long.  You must then find, from the camcorder menu, the proper path into the camcorder.  In most instruction booklets it is listed as "recording from TV".  The camcorder must be in the VCR mode in most circumstances.  

DIGITAL CAMCORDERS:  Most camcorders made today record digitally.  Consequently the images can be downloaded directly into a computer via 'fire wire' patch cords supplied with the camcorder.  We produce an analog image and some camcorders only accept digital if they have input at all.  We can supply a digitizer for changing the analog to digital.  

HOOKUP TO THE POWER SKETCH:  The Power Sketch has two inputs so you can have one input be the student and one a world class swimmer.  You can then toggle back and forth between the swimmers.  The normal input would be from your camcorder.  Use the patch cord from your camcorder and insert the yellow plug into IN 1 or IN 2.  You will then be able to see the images on the TV hooked up to the Power Sketch.  Normal output from the Power Sketch would be to a DVD burner or VHS and from either device to a TV.  You would use a patch cord from OUT to the burner or VHS and a patch cord out from that device to a TV.  The wireless microphone supplied with the Power Sketch would plug into the white or red receptacle on the DVD burner or VHS.  

POWER SKETCH TO COMPUTER:  The signal from the Power Sketch is analog.  Most computers accept only digital signals.  In that case you can use our Digitizer with output via "fire wire" to the computer input.   

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