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George Kennedy, Johns Hopkins University: "The Racks are our favorite item in the pool  We have revamped the whole training process several times but the mainstay throughout the years=the Racks." 

Edmund Pouchet, Trinidad & Tobego: "We have been using your Power Rack with much success.  In fact we are so impressed with it that we are now interested in purchasing your other product the Power Tower." 

Ed Brennan, University of Tampa: "The best thing I ever bought" 

Felipe Delgado,  Aqua Ten Swim School: "I am testimonial enough! I used the power rack extensively at ASU training with Ernie Maglischo leading up to the Olympic Games in Atlanta 
and swear by it. I now train a group of 10-13 year olds that are very 
good for their age groups. I was just wondering about the positive 
effects on young athletes. As an elite athlete, I have no doubt this is 
the way to build explosive strength!" 

Rahul Sethna, Mundelein High School: "We have two Power Racks and we use them  with all of our athletes as we feel it is the single best tool to help improve  sprinting ability.  Connor Black used it all 4 years, 3 days a week, and we saw great improvement in his sprinting and power ratio in all his events throughout his HS career. Our athletes love using them and the days we do are the practices they look forward to."