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Restringing The Power Rack

When a new cable is needed for the Power Rack it will come as a ropelike material, not the stainless steel aircraft cable we used for about 16 years.  To restring the Power Rack do the following:

Start at the low, outside pulley and go up through the single pulley at the top. After the first pulley the cable will always go in a clockwise manner.

Continue through the nearest of the three top pulleys and straight down through the nearest of the two pulleys at the top of the weight stack. 

Continue up to the middle, top pulley, down through the remaining weight stack pulley, through the remaining top pulley and down to the weight stack. 

Finally, tie off the cable on the bolt at the top of the weight stack.  Be sure to position the cable between the two vinyl spacers.  They are a clear tubular product. 


The new cable material is man made and compares very favorably to the old stainless steel cable.  It will not elongate, it is superior against abrasion, it is very difficult to cut, it will not cut a swimmer, it floats, it is made for marine use and best of all it will save you $10 over the cost of the old cables.  We almost never run out of replacement cables cut to the proper length.

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