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Kevin Kinel, Chesterton High School : June 5, 2002 "After using the Power Cam only one practice session I can tell you it is a great tool.  It is going to be a great addition to our program.  It has so many possibilities."   August 11, 2010  "I still feel it is a remarkable piece of equipment." 


Andrew Murray, BCNC Rubber Duckies: October 19, 2010 "The Power Cam is an excellent coaching tool.  I was very impressed with the camera's picture clarity and brightness, especially since the pool is indoors with no underwater lights.   The telescoping pole and cart provide for very smooth motion filming.  The swimmers really enjoy the filming sessions and are now starting to point out their own flaws during playback sessions."


Pat Kavanagh, Newburgh Free Academy: December 31, 2014 "Sam- I meant to leave you a message the other day- it works fine. I had the wrong plug in the camcorder! Thanks so much for your patience...good luck with everything and I will certainly spread the word about your great service and product."


Laura Sole: February 6, 2014 " Frank was able to pick the coupling up at Radio Shack.  Thanks so much for the follow up and phone call. Your customer service is second to none!!! Have a great day!"