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Troubleshooting the Power Cam and parts.


When hooking up the Power Cam to a recording or viewing device you may need to use the RCA coupling that was supplied with the Power Cam.  It is about an inch long and the diameter of a pencil.  The plug from the Power Cam plugs into one end and the patch cord from a camcorder plugs into the other end.  The camcorder patch cord will have a small plug on one end and a yellow, white and red plug on the other end.  The yellow plug mates with the Power Cam plug.  The small plug will plug into the camcorder body. 


Most camcorders made today record digitally.  Consequently the images can be downloaded directly into a computere via the fire wire patch cords supplied with the camcorder.  We produce an analog signal and some camcorders only accept digital if they have input at all.  We can supply a digitizer for changing the analog signal to digital if needed. 


To check the status of your Power Cam battery you can use the battery charger.  Plug the charger into the outlet and you should see the green light illuminate.  Plug the charger into the battery and the red light should come on.  If it does not that almost always means the battery needs to be replaced.  The red light should illuminate for 20 seconds to an hour and a half for full charging.  When fully charged it should power the Power Cam for 10-12 hours. If the battery has been stored discharged for a period of time exceeding a few months it is probably no longer usable.  It is a sealed lead acid battery and like the battery in your car must be charged periodically.  


Most often when the camera does not produce a picture the battery is the problem or the hook up to the camcorder is not done correctly.  To check the camera do the following:

Hook up a camcorder to a monitor TV and view what is on the camcorder recording device (tape, hard drive, memory stick, etc.).  This step is to determine that the path to the TV is correct.   Next, substitue the Power Cam for the camcorder.  If the image from the Power Cam appears it is operating properly. 

Next we need to hook the Power Cam to the camcorder correctly.  Most often the problem is that the CAMERA function has been selected.  To view and record from the Power Cam you must select the VCR function.  If your camcorder is able to record from an analog signal (that produced by the Power Cam), there will be a section in your camcorder manual about Recording From TV. 

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